Updates to our Website Management services

Our Website Management prices will be increasing as of July 15, 2024. The new price of our base Essentials Plan will be $127 per month starting with your July invoice (which is sent out 30 days in advance). If you are on an annual subscription, the new pricing will go into effect on your next renewal on or after July 15, 2024.

Our commitment

As you know, Harness Media is committed to keeping your website healthy and successful while you focus on running your business. Like any business though, our own operating costs do increase over time. The last couple of years have seen some massive increases in our industry and – to be perfectly blunt – we cannot continue to absorb them.

To maintain the level of service you’re accustomed to, this increase is necessary, so we wanted to communicate this to you in good time. We’re confident that our prices remain competitive within our sector for the quality of the service that we provide and as always, we’re focused on the results we provide to clients.

Restructured plans

We’ve also restructured our Website Management plans to ensure you only pay for the features you actually need. Our previous offerings provided specific services for each plan level, but you might not have need all of the services included with that plan. Our new structure consists of a base “Essentials” plan to which you can enhance with optional add-ons.

The new Essentials plan now includes features that were previously unavailable at that level, including: daily backups (both remote and local), 24/7 uptime monitoring, and up to 2 basic content updates every month. Information about the new Essentials Plan, its features, and available add-ons (including pricing) are available on our Website Management page.

Two of the more exciting new add-ons are On-Page SEO and Local SEO. We can now provide affordable, ongoing SEO services as part of your Website Management plan.

New pricing schedule

When the new pricing schedule goes into effect on July 15 (with billing notices going out 30 days prior), your invoice will show the base Essentials Plan plus any applicable add-ons. Please review the invoice to ensure it meets your expectations for the services you are currently receiving.

Thank you!

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to support your business with our Website Management services. If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket or send us an email.