Why do you need website management?

You need to be able to focus on your business or organization. Do you have the time or technical expertise to keep your website up-to-date, secure and trouble-free? With our experience, world-class server hardware and attention to detail, we become an extension of your business — we become your web team.

You’ll love the peace of mind and assurance you’ll feel with our web hosting and website management services. Please take a look at the benefits you’ll enjoy and our affordable pricing below. We start with an Essentials base plan and then offer optional add-ons, so you only pay for what you actually need.

Benefits of our Essentials Plan

Discover the benefits of having your website hosted on our industry-leading hardware and software stack, and securely delivering content directly to your customers. Here is a list of the standard features included with our Website Management services.

Managed WordPress Web Hosting & SSL

Your website will be hosted on a high-end server and will be able to handle 100 concurrent visitors (more than enough for most brochure websites). Additionally, your website’s SSL certificate will encrypt the transfer of user data and other information.

Monthly Maintenance & Bug Fixes

Every WordPress website needs regular updates to its core, theme and plugins. If not done regularly, some of your website functionality could break. We handle this maintenance and any associated bug fixes for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Agency Software Licenses

Your website is built on WordPress and utilizes several pieces of premium software. By partnering with us for Website Management, you benefit by not having to manage the software licenses or pay for the software directly.

Website Analytics Setup & Review

We set up various analytics tools to gather website traffic and user behavior data. Then, we analyze the data and provide our thoughts during our monthly Digital Strategy Meeting with you.

24-Hour Critical Updates

There is a lot of third-party software involved in any website, especially WordPress websites. Occasionally, vulnerabilities are discovered in third-party software. We monitor every piece of software on your website 24/7 and patch any that get discovered within 24 hours.

Multi-Layer Security

We ensure your website is secure by hardening every layer of your website’s infrastructure, i.e. daily backups, user security, application security, static code analysis, file system security, server security and network security.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24/7 for any downtime. If it should ever go offline for any reason, we will be notified and immediately start working to get it back online as soon as possible.

DNS Management

We have access to and manage your domain’s DNS to properly set up the website and troubleshoot if any changes are needed.

Daily Files & Database Backups

We don’t anticipate that anything will go wrong, but we’re prepared for it. We’ll take a backup of your entire website every day and be able to recover the data in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Image Optimization

To ensure your website is as lean and performant as possible, we need to optimize the images by compressing their size and serving them to your users in the best format.

Email Delivery & Spam Protection

All form submissions on your website will be monitored and delivered to your inbox as soon as they are submitted. Spam submissions will be filtered and rejected to prevent them from cluttering your inbox and wasting your time.

Basic Content Updates

Per your request, we can make basic updates to the content on your website. While this plan doesn’t include new design or development, it does cover tasks like changing photos, replacing text, and removing or hiding pages. Up to 2 requests per month.

Essentials Website Management Plan

$127 / month
  • Managed Web Hosting & SSL
  • Monthly Maintenance & Bug Fixes
  • Agency Software Licenses
  • Website Analytics Setup & Review
  • 24-Hour Critical Security Updates
  • Multi-Layer Security System
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • DNS Management
  • Daily Files & Database Backups
  • Image Optimization
  • Email Delivery & Spam Protection
  • 2 Basic Content Updates / month

Optional add-on features

Custom-tailor your Website Management Plan with these optional add-ons.

Digital Strategy Meetings* + $90/mo

We’ll have a 30-minute meeting every month. You’ll tell us how last month went for your business, and we’ll look at the digital data together. If there are ideas to turn into projects, we’ll quote out a Statement of Work for you to authorize.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting + $50/mo

Your website will be hosted on its own dedicated server and will be able to handle up to 500 concurrent visitors. Additionally, your website’s SSL certificate will encrypt the transfer of user data and other information.

Auto-Updating Legal Policies + $20/mo

Every website that collects user data must have legal policies, i.e. privacy policy, terms of service, etc. We partner with a software platform that helps you generate these policies by simply answering questions about your business.

Unlimited Content Updates + $100/mo

If you need more regular Basic Content Updates every month than the Essentials Plan provides, you can upgrade to unlimited. Please see our Scope of Services page for information about what’s included and what’s not included.

Membership Management* + $120/mo

We can manage and assist your members directly by responding to general inquiries, helping with account logins, and other general website assistance. Great for associations or clubs that need to offer memberships to their users.

Events Management* + $40/mo

Keeping your events calendar updated can be tedious. Send your event information to us and we’ll keep it updated for you. Great for associations or clubs that need to keep their group calendar up to date.

Booking / Appointments System* + $40/mo

We’ll install and maintain a booking system for your website that allows customers to book appointments with you, make payments, and synchronize with your Google calendar. It is a highly configurable system with many great options.

Accessibility Optimization* + $80/mo

ADA Accessibility rules are changing almost daily and it’s important to keep up to date. Each month, we’ll monitor and improve the accessibility of your website by implementing current aspects of WCAG Guidelines.

E-Commerce Management* + $50/mo

Much like WordPress itself, e-commerce software requires updates. We’ll stay on top of your online store’s software updates, including bug fixes and security issues so you don’t have to worry.

Blogging Service + $480/mo

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve search ranking and instill trust in your visitors. We’ll learn more about your business and industry, then provide you with two full blog posts each month that are aimed at your target audience.

* In order to implement some add-ons, the website must have been built by Harness Media.

Five Essentials For Keeping Your Wordpress Website Safe

Five Essentials For Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe

As one of the most important assets in your business, it’s vital that you keep your website updated, protected and online. If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers. It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world as the average website will have automated attacks looking for weaknesses, multiple times per day.

Download our free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Right from the WordPress.org website:

“WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

In a nutshell, WordPress is web software that assists in the creation of websites. It offers a nice balance of content management features and backend technologies to satisfy both end users (our clients) and web developers. Rather than reinventing the wheel, WordPress gives us a great, extendable framework from which to build beautiful, feature-rich sites for our clients that they can maintain themselves or allow us to serve them further with ongoing Website Management Services.

WordPress powers nearly half of all websites on the Internet. It is an effective content management system (CMS). That means we have complete authority over the design and functionality of your website.

The best thing about WordPress is that it can grow with you as your company expands. This means that we can create any functionality you require now or in the future, including custom forms, a directory, e-commerce, a blog, and most anything else you can think of.

Many of our clients reach out to us after outgrowing the features Wix offers. Although Wix is a great tool for getting started, it can be quite limiting in terms of what you can design or create. Think of it as a toolbox with pretty nice tools inside, but they are the only tools you can use.

WordPress, on the other hand, can grow with your company or organization. If you need additional features, you won’t have to revamp your entire website. WordPress is very extensible, allowing you to add features outside the Wix box.

WordPress is software that is used to build and operate websites. As such, it needs to be updated to patch discovered vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and maintain functionality.

It’s basically the same concept as your computer — you have to keep it up-to-date to protect yourself and gain new features. If you don’t, you are subject to hackers, malware and other intrusions.

With Harness Media’s Website Management Plans, you need not worry about any of these issues because we test, install, and troubleshoot every update that becomes available for your website.

Every day, we check to see if any updates are available for your website. Updates that we install are applicable to the core WordPress installation as well as the plugins and themes you have installed.

Before we initiate these updates, we review and test them to reduce the chance of potential security and incompatibility problems with your website.

What would you do if you updated your website on your own and something broke? You’d have to find a way to fix the problem and restore your website to full functionality, which could get costly. You and your potential clients may also experience website downtime which could cause you loss of business.

We are constantly monitoring our servers for malware and other malicious threats, so there is no need for occasional scans. Basically, you can look at our system as having a constant, ongoing, and infinite malware scan.

Yep! If a hacker, malware, or other intruder just happens to get past all of our front-line protections, we’ll take care of it. We’re confident that their chances of breaching our system are slim to none, so we’ll take responsibility for cleaning up their mess if they somehow manage to slip through.

We include web hosting for your website with all of our Website Management Plans. Unfortunately, we do not offer any Plans that allow for third-party hosting.

The reason behind this is because we cannot offer the high standards of service that we promise if we don’t have total access to the hosting system, including the server and DNS settings.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a discount for using a third-party hosting service simply because of the extra time it would require us to maintain websites in different systems. Each hosting service is different, which causes procedural issues for us. In fact, we no longer offer our Website Management Plans for websites that are not hosted with us.

By hosting with us as part of your Website Management Plan, we are more efficient and can provide all of our services to you without restriction. Because of our increased efficiency, this actually saves you money overall because you don’t have to pay for hosting services on top of our Website Management Plans.

The whole point of our Website Management Plans is to make it easy on you. There shouldn’t be much need to contact us for general support, but we realize that the need may arise. You are welcome to contact us anytime, as often as you like, for any reason.

General support requests typically consist of technical issues, not content updates, design changes, or custom features. For example, general support requests might pertain to issues such as: problems submitting a contact form; images not loading; or other technical issues.

Content updates, such as editing pages or adding new blog posts are limited by the number of tasks allotted in your Website Management Plan.

Yes. We construct the site so that you can add, edit, or remove content yourself. But if you run into more technical issues, you can submit a support request and we’ll handle it for you.

Please note, however, that if you break something that cannot be easily fixed within our Basic Content Updates, we’ll bill you at our current hourly rate to fix any problems that you cause. We highly recommend that you allow us to handle content updates for you. Besides, we’re good at it.

Some of our clients want us to handle everything, while others want to do all the content updates themselves. But our most common client is one that requires a hybrid version that combines both of these scenarios — they handle many of the content updates and call upon us when they don’t have time to do it themselves or the task requires more expertise.

All of our Website Management Plans include daily backups with a 7-day backlog. We also save remote backups to servers in an entirely different location on a regular basis.

When you need a backup restored, just submit a support ticket and we’ll take care of that for you.

Our uptime bot checks your website every 5 minutes. If it is down, we are notified immediately so we can investigate. This is considered a very high-priority event so we can respond within minutes or less, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That said, the uptime rate for our hosting system is 99.99%, which means downtime is a very rare event. You can check our server status at any time.

While we do everything we can to keep your website problem-free in the first place, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. For example, if you install a new plugin and your website breaks, you may need us to fix it for you.

Your Website Management Plan includes monthly tasks and we’ll apply those toward fixing the problem. However, if the time required to fix the problem extends beyond your allotment, we’ll bill you at our current hourly rate. Don’t worry though, we’ll assess the situation to provide you with a time and cost estimate (and receive your approval) before we proceed.

You don’t. We offer free migration for all new clients! All you have to do is give us access to your existing hosting account and domain registrar account, and we’ll do it all for you — with little or no downtime!

Unfortunately, no. Our hosting system is custom-tailored for WordPress websites only.

We only offer one plan, but you can change your selected add-ons at any time. If removing add-ons, the add-ons removed will expire at the end of the current term; if adding add-ons, we’ll prorate the cost and apply it to your next invoice.

No. You can cancel at any time. Your payments are made in advance of service, so if you cancel, your services will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.

Typically, we only allow monthly subscriptions. However, we understand there may be specific instances where annual payments are necessary. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your billing options.

No. Regardless of the number of websites you own, each one requires the same amount of attention. Thus, we cannot offer a multi-website discount.

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