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Getting a visitor to your site is just the beginning. Once they arrive, the real challenge is prompting them to take action.

This is where the CTA, or Call To Action, comes into play. It’s essentially your way of guiding the visitor towards the next step, whether that’s scheduling a call, filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or something else entirely.

Each time a visitor follows through with one of these actions, it’s considered a “conversion”.

To ramp up your website’s lead or sales generation, focusing on boosting your conversion rate is key. In this article, I’ll show you how to fine-tune the CTAs on your site to achieve just that.

The purpose of a CTA

The main goal of a CTA is to direct site visitors towards taking a desired action, playing a crucial role for businesses looking to generate more leads or sales online. For example, a compelling CTA could be, “Start Your Adventure Here,” for a travel site, inviting users to explore tour packages.

Avoid generic CTAs

It’s important to steer clear of one-size-fits-all CTAs like “Contact Us” on every page. Such generic prompts lack value and don’t align with the specific content or context of the page, failing to engage the visitor effectively.

The importance of CTA optimization

Tailoring CTAs to fit the page they’re on enhances the visitor’s journey on your site. For a page dedicated to garden upkeep, a CTA like “Transform Your Garden Today” will resonate much more with readers than a bland “Contact Us.”

An example

Let’s consider the generic CTA “Subscribe Now.” To make it more enticing, we could change it to “Get Exclusive Gardening Tips Weekly!” with a sub-headline that promises insider knowledge only subscribers receive. This approach immediately offers value and context, making it more appealing.

Crafting your new CTAs

At Harness Media, we excel at crafting CTAs that not only capture attention but drive action. When you choose to work with us, we design CTAs that perfectly align with your brand and your goals, ensuring your site doesn’t just draw visitors, but actively converts them into leads and customers. Let’s create CTAs that make your website a conversion powerhouse.

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