Why You Need A Privacy Policy Terms Of Service And Disclaimer For Your Website

As new laws are passed around the world and in a growing number U. S. States, it is becoming increasingly critical that every website have clear policies that outline privacy concerns and usage by outside visitors. As business owners, we need to protect our digital assets and your website is one of, if not the, most important digital asset associated with your business.

Several privacy laws already exist in the world and more are on the way. It is imperative that you protect yourself and your business by taking action as soon as possible. As of this writing, we are aware of the following privacy laws:

There are several more on the way:

Furthermore, there will likely be many more on the horizon, especially as more States pass their own laws and the trend catches on.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you setup your own Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer on your own website. This service is offered as an affordable upgrade for Harness Media Website Management clients. Also note that we’ve partnered with Termageddon and you can find more information by visiting their website.

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