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Website Launch Aids Santiam Rebuild Coalition’s Community Efforts

In October 2020, the catastrophic merger of the Beachie Creek and Lion’s Head wildfires wreaked havoc on Detroit, Oregon, and several other communities in the Santiam Canyon. Amidst the devastation, local communities banded together to rebuild their homes and lives.

One such collaborative effort was the formation of the Santiam Rebuild Coalition, which brought together local businesses to spearhead the recovery process. Harness Media was among the first companies to contribute, offering to create a website to support and document the coalition’s efforts.

The primary objectives of the website were to keep the public informed on the progress of the rebuilding initiative, showcase the companies donating time and resources, and facilitate communication between the businesses involved. To achieve this, we custom-built a Contributor Directory featuring a grid of company logos and individual, shareable listing pages. Additionally, we created a forum for companies to coordinate schedules, material availability, events, and more.

We take immense pride in our community’s resilience and are honored to have played a part in the Santiam Canyon’s recovery efforts through this website project.