Delivering a cutting-edge, responsive membership website to boost engagement and growth

In today’s world, having a strong online presence is really important. The Salem Executives Association (SEA) understood they needed a website that was more than just an online look for their networking group. They wanted a site that was easy to navigate and informative, with great design and technology. Our team was given the job to make a website that really shows what SEA is all about, using the newest technology for websites that work well on phones and computers.

Our main goal was to make a site that works well on mobile devices because we know how busy everyone is nowadays. We made sure the SEA website loads quickly and works smoothly on any device by optimizing for Google’s Core Web Vitals, which are scores that measure the quality of a website.

The SEA website has a lot of useful information, like when and where meetings happen, all shown in a calendar that’s easy to use. We added features to make it easy for people to join the group and to ask questions through a contact page. This helps the group grow and gets more people involved in the Salem community.

A key part of the website is a detailed list of all the SEA members that you can search through. This makes it easier for members to connect with each other. Members also have a special area where they can get to more information, download forms, view documents, and recommend new members. This makes the website not just a place to visit, but a tool for members to use and help the organization grow.

Looking back at this project, we’re really proud of the website we made for SEA. It’s been well-received, and there’s been an increase in people wanting to join and get involved. Our team’s hard work and focus on the latest web design technology and putting the client first have resulted in a website that shows the best of what SEA has to offer and sets up a bright future for the group.

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Services provided

  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • Speed Optimization
  • Content Collaboration
  • Image Optimization
  • Social Network Integration
  • Membership System
  • WordPress Training

Launch date

November 20, 2023

About Salem Executives Association

Salem Executives Association is comprised of committed business professionals who gather each week to support one another in our business endeavors. Since 1958, our organization has focused on growing a network of local businesses that have high ethical standards and offer quality products and services. Our members understand that the reputation we have in the marketplace is directly tied to keeping promises with our colleagues and customers.