Developing a Custom Project Portfolio for a Remodeling Company

Originally, we built the Radigan Remodeling & Design website in 2016 with the intention of eventually creating a system to showcase their impressive client projects. Leveraging the Custom Post Type feature in WordPress, we developed a tailored directory system to manage and display Radigan’s project portfolio. The website now boasts a dedicated “Recent Projects” page with filterable links based on the services provided. Additionally, each service page highlights relevant recent projects, linking to their comprehensive project pages.

Each project page features a captivating gallery, displayed as a visual journey complete with captions that guide visitors through the process from start to finish. Collaborating with Radigan Remodeling has been a pleasure, as their attention to detail on the website reflects their pride and commitment to quality craftsmanship in their work. As a client focused on both existing and prospective clients’ reactions to their website, Radigan Remodeling ensures a strong online presence.

We continue to provide ongoing Website Management services to support their digital presence and maintain a lasting, positive impression on their audience.

Radigan Remodeling logo
Screenshot of entire Radigan Remodeling homepage

Services provided

  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • Image Optimization

Launch date

April 2, 2019

Previous launches

March 21, 2017

About Radigan Remodeling & Design

A licensed contractor since 2006, Radigan Remodeling and Design specializes in interior and exterior remodeling construction services for residential and small commercial structures. We provide skilled craftsmanship, use quality products, and pay close attention to all the details.