A Comprehensive Website Showcasing Custom Promotional Products and Fostering Customer Engagement

Alligator Screen Printing, a custom promotional products company, reached out to us after being referred by one of our satisfied clients. They were looking to modernize their website and effectively showcase their wide range of custom promotional products. Our mission was to create an engaging and user-friendly online platform that would help them reach their target audience.

We designed a new website with an animated navigation menu at the top, which prominently displayed their new logo, created specifically for this project. The homepage featured a striking hero section with a bold statement to capture visitors’ attention, accompanied by a supportive paragraph detailing their business and product offerings.

Additionally, the homepage provided summaries of each promotional product category, with buttons leading to in-depth descriptions for each. By incorporating their numerous positive online reviews, we cultivated a sense of trust and credibility throughout the site. To foster engagement and prompt potential customers to take action, we strategically placed calls-to-action on every page, encouraging visitors to inquire about Alligator Screen Printing’s services.

Alligator Screen Printing logo
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Services provided

  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • Content Collaboration
  • Image Optimization
  • Social Network Integration

Launch date

February 20, 2020

About Alligator Screen Printing

SUPERIOR QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON! Alligator Screen Printing is the #1 stop for all your screen printing, embroidery, sticker, banner and laser needs. They take pride in their work and can help design your image as well as walk you through your project step by step.