Case Study The Ink Spot Home Mockup 1280w


  • Custom designed
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Optimized for search
  • Performance optimization
  • Security enhancements
  • Spam protection

Bringing The Ink Spot Back to Local: A Website Rebuild Success

The Ink Spot, a local business, needed to break away from a large national web service provider that wasn’t meeting their expectations. They faced challenges with support, access to helpful people, and lacked the personalized services that a local firm like Harness Media offers.

Although The Ink Spot liked their existing website’s design, it was built on a proprietary system that couldn’t be transferred. To solve this, Harness Media rebuilt the site in WordPress, offering new flexibility and additional features. This change also provided The Ink Spot with the peace of mind knowing that WordPress is widely used, and they could easily find other providers familiar with it if needed.

By moving to WordPress, Harness Media improved the website’s mobile-friendliness, page loading times, security, overall design, navigation, and functionality. Now on Harness Media’s Website Management Plan, The Ink Spot’s website remains secure and stable with regular software updates, multi-layer security systems, malware and spam protection, high-end hosting services, and other quality maintenance services.

This successful transition not only enhanced the website’s performance but also ensured that The Ink Spot received the local, personalized service they deserved.