Modernizing an Outdated Website for Improved Performance and Security

Serenity Cleaning approached Harness Media with concerns about their dated website, which was difficult to update and experienced technical issues with web forms. Additionally, they faced spam and email problems due to an inadequate web hosting service with an integrated email system. Recognizing these issues as common setbacks for websites that haven’t been regularly maintained, we set out to overhaul their online presence and email infrastructure.

First, we transitioned Serenity Cleaning to Microsoft 365, providing them with a reliable, dedicated email service with robust support. Next, we built a new website featuring bold, modern design elements and resolved the web form issues. Upon completion, we enrolled the website in one of our Website Management Plans, which includes high-quality managed web hosting, ensuring optimal security and speed. Furthermore, we connected their domain to Postmark, an email deliverability platform included in our management plans, to guarantee seamless email delivery from the website to their inboxes.

We remain committed to helping Serenity Cleaning’s website thrive by regularly updating their content and addressing their needs, ensuring a consistently polished and efficient online presence.

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Services provided

  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Collaboration
  • Image Optimization

Launch date

April 26, 2020

About Serenity Cleaning Services

Our focus is offering a variety of cleaning needs, both large and small, all while bringing a personalized touch into each home and office we serve.