Built from Scratch for a Special Project

We were approached by the Salem Rotary Club to build a brand new website to showcase their new project, the Gerry Frank Salem Rotary Amphitheater. The website for this new addition to Riverfront Park in downtown Salem, Oregon needed to have the ability to morph over the following few years from a concept showcase to a source of ongoing progress and, eventually, completion. Additionally, there needed to be an easy way for the community to submit their monetary donations, big and small. We created a user-friendly custom donation page with a form that processes payments via credit card using Stripe (a payment processor).

An Ongoing Campaign

Because of the nature of the Amphitheater project, the Salem Rotary Club needed to keep the website online for at least a few years, maybe more. Harness Media continues to host and maintain the website via our Premium Website Care Plan, keeping it fast, secure, and safe for receiving donations.

Originally launched in 20170422