Transforming an Outdated Website into a User-Friendly, SEO-Optimized Platform for a Growing Business

When ABC Windows first contacted us, we were simply making some miscellaneous updates to their existing website which was built by someone else. They knew their website was becoming outdated, since it had been built several years prior. Eventually they were ready for a full redesign to not only modernize the website and bring it up to current standards, but also because the scope of their business had been changing in recent years.

We started from scratch with an entirely new design based on our initial interview with them. Interestingly, they didn’t really have a general layout or theme in mind, other than to maintain company colors.

The scope of the services they provide had changed, so we created new, individual service pages with a parent page to serve as an index (this is great for SEO). Of course, the overall website was built with SEO standards in mind, to help Google and other search engines to accurately index them for better organic rankings in search results.

The people behind ABC are what drives the company to success; and they enjoy sharing in their success by giving back to the communities in which they serve. We put some special effort into creating that overall atmosphere throughout the website as well as dedicated areas with detailed information about how they give back. Furthermore, they also like to give local businesses a fair shake. For example, Harness Media built the website, but it is actually hosted and maintained by another local company. We love how they want to share in the success.

ABC Windows logo
Screenshot of entire ABC Windows homepage

Services provided

  • Website Design
  • Website Management
  • On-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content Collaboration
  • Image Optimization
  • E-Commerce

Launch date

October 10, 2020

About ABC Windows & Building Maintenance

ABC Windows has built itself upon a long-standing reputation for quality and customer support in the Willamette Valley since 1936. Todd and Brenda Londin’s commitment to high quality cleaning and maintenance services continues to this very day.